What is the mission of Months To Years?

Our mission to cultivate a beautifully designed online space to share compelling, original creative nonfiction and poetry (as well as art and photography) that explores mortality and terminal illness. Our initial focus (in late 2017) is on that part of our mission. The second part of our mission, to provide resources for spouses of the terminally (especially younger spouses), will develop more in the coming months.

Does Months To Years sell advertising?

No. Months To Years is a pending 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Its purpose is to provide a creative space for compelling writing about mortality and serious illness. We will soon add a donation button for those who would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to support our mission.

Why is it called Months To Years?

“Months To Years” is a phrase often used as a prognosis for terminally ill patients. It is a doctor’s best estimate of expected lifespan. But to be clear, Months To Years  is not just for the terminally ill. It is for anyone interested in exploring questions of mortality.

Is Months To Years a hard copy literary journal?

No. We are a digital-only journal. As a nonprofit, we strive to keep costs low so that we can focus on the quality of the creative work instead of seeking advertisers.

Is the website basically the journal?

The website is a showcase for our contributors’ work. We accept submissions on a continuous basis and will periodically post submissions as they are ready. Quarterly, starting in Winter 2018, we will compile those submissions (and others that have not yet been posted) into a magazine document format.

What kind of writing does Months To Years seek?

We seek compelling creative nonfiction (essays, memoir, etc.) and poetry that relate somehow to mortality, death, or dying. Writing doesn’t necessarily need to be a story of a death but rather any writing that explores our complex relationship with our mortality.

How can I improve my chances that my writing will be published in Months To Years?

We are interested in powerful storytelling that hooks us as readers. Tell us a story but tell it with your unique voice. We look for writing that has depth, avoids clichés, uses scenes and memoir-writing craft to inspire readers to keep reading. What is your unique angle or story? Surprise us with humor at the least expected moments or with sudden tragedy on a blue-sky day. And, please, adhere to our Submission Guidelines.

Does Months To Years pay its contributors?

Unfortunately, we are not able at this time to pay contributors because we are a small nonprofit dedicated to creating a site free of advertising. We seek to be a forum for high quality writing and for writing about topics on which our culture is often silent.

Is Months To Years on social media?

Yes! Follow us on Twitter @MonthsToYears and like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/monthstoyearslit/